TBT – Whitewashed

FC---Whitewashed(originally posted 04.23.2015)

Whitewashed by Amy Blake is a contemporary novel set in Mississippi. The central character, Patience McDonough headed of to start college. While living with her grandparents, she attends Verity College, located on the grounds of an old plantation. Patience manages to uncover some corrupt accounting practices and some hidden mysteries on the old slave plantation that put her in danger.

Due to the name of this book, our cover just had to have some whitewashed boards. Blended together with a photo of an old plantation home, this cover takes on the feeling of the deep south. Whitewashed is part of a trilogy, so we indicated that on the front cover. After much thought we decided to make the title prominent and leave the main character’s image up the to the reader’s imagination.

Whitewashed is available on Amazon.



Colorblind, the second book in the On the Brink Series is available now! Check it out here on Amazon.

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