Carolina Dream Book Cover

Carolina Dream 2.pngLast night I nailed down the final touches on this wonderful cover for Regina Merrick. I was so happy to get to work with Regina. I met her last year at the KenTen Writers Retreat and she is such a sweet person. She is a librarian by day and an author in her spare time.

I had fun creating a dreamy image of a southern mansion at the end of a drive lined with live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. Regina really wanted a beachy feel as well, so we blended a beachscape on the lower portion of the cover. Together the two images create the prefect first glimpse of this Carolina Dream.

Carolina Dream is being published by Mantle Rock Publishing. It will go on presale March 15th and will be released around the first of April! Keep your eyes open for more information closer to the release date!

Great Joy! Bible Journaling Template

This week is a busy week and it is only Wednesday. I hope yours is not as busy, but I hope it is as productive as mine has been so far. I started off this week with a cleaning mission. I have to confess that our bonus room has become a hoarding stash of crafts, fabrics and other miscellaneous items. So Saturday, I started the decluttering and disposing of my hoard. By Sunday evening, I had made a ton of progress and had sorted out 6 bags of trash and a heap of recycling. But after all that work, I needed a creative break. Let’s face it, I needed an excuse to quit cleaning!


For the past week I’ve had a verse on my mind. I don’t remember when I jotted it down, but it’s been in my planner for a while and I ran across it last week. Philemon 1:7 – “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.I also have little sketches in my planner and I had one for a mason jar. So budda bing, budda boom, I put them together in this cute little piece of work. I adore drawing these little art deco looking flowers. They remind me of dogwood blossoms, but with more petals than just four. So I colored them pink in honor of my favorite color of dogwood blossom. The love banner is also pink, because I LOVE pink. LOL. The whole piece came together quickly. After refining it Monday , I traced it into my journaling Bible last night after finishing (mostly) my cleaning mission. It was my reward for all the hard work I have done cleaning that room!

It has been my unofficial resolution this year to let go of the judgemental nature I can sometimes have (wait, I’m surely not talking about myself, am I?) and focus on being an encouragement to others instead. It all started last fall with a sermon that smacked me in the face and I haven’t been able to let go of it. It still smacks me and I am trying to work through the pain and see what it is that God want me to do. It’s hard for me, and I’m hoping this little bit of joy in my Bible will keep spurring me onward.

So, why is my resolution unofficial, you might ask. Because if it was an official resolution, I’d resent the fact that I was failing in keeping it and that resentment would lead me away from doing anything and that is not the path I want to travel…so, it is unofficial, no pressure, just JOY.

BTW, if you would like a template to add this cute art to your journaling Bible or to make bookmarks, it’s available here in my Etsy store.

Crossing over to Digital

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Crossing

For some time the publishing world has been caught in between printed books and ebooks. I have a love-hate relationship it seems with both sides of this dilema. I have friends who love the smell of opening a book, whether it’s the musty smell of on old book or the crisp fan of the pages of a new book’s ink. I have other friends who have totally embraced the ebook revolution and stand firm behind their choice. So, where do I fall? Being a self-proclaimed techie, I fall more toward the ebook side, even though I love holding a print book with one of my covers on it. So, what makes an ebook worthy of crossing over to instead of picking up that print book? Here are some points to ponder.

  • Availability. The last time I went into a brick and mortar book store looking for a book was to fulfill my daughters school reading assignment. Her school would work out an agreement with the local bookstore to carry the books they would require for outside reading. So we would make our annual trek to the store and purchase the necessary books. Other than that one time a year, I rarely darkened the door of the bookstore, unless it was to purchase a specific magazine. Normally, I would let my fingers do the shopping online. The joy of online shopping is, as everyone knows, you can do it from the comfort of your home in your pjs at any time of the night or day.
  • Selection. My online bookstore offers the book in many formats including paperback, hard cover, and ebook. I can also get new or used books.
  • Time. With most online stores offering expedited shipping for free, a short wait for a book is worth the trip to the bookstore, especially if it’s a “hard to locate” book. If speed is of the essence, then an ebook offers instant gratification because I can download it immediately.
  • Readability. As the boomer generation ages, so do their eyes. Large print books are more expensive and harder to come by. Ebooks meet this need by allowing readers to select their font size without having to pay additional costs. Readers are only limited by the size of their devices, whether it’s a phone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • Practicality. As the millennial generation grows so does their desire to streamline their lives. A multi-function reading device appeals to them more than shelves of books cluttering their lives. A phone in their pocket affords them a library of books and takes no extra space to obtain them.

As I work with clients, their dream is to walk into a bookstore and see their book sitting on a shelf. And there is nothing wrong with that dream, except, it is slowly fading from our day to day reality. With digital subscriptions to entire libraries on Amazon, even downloaded ebooks may become a less frequented avenue for reading books. It’s an ever evolving world we live in, and thank goodness it is or we’d all be standing in caves reading the latest hieroglyphics on the wall.

Pre-Made Book Covers

fc-snow-countryA by-product of my cover design is sometimes an unused cover. Whether a client chooses to go a different direction or perhaps I’ve made multiple selections for one book, I hate to see a perfectly good cover sit idle when it could be out there on your book. So I’ve added a new website page and put up a couple of covers that might interest you. Check them out here and feel free to contact me if one of them suits your book perfectly. Or almost perfectly, because I would be honored to tweak it to make it perfect!

Book Cover Release – Don’t Ask Me to Leave


Don’t Ask Me to Leave is a contemporary romance by Micki Clark which will release soon from Mantle Rock Publishing. Here’s a short teaser about this book:

Newlywed Rachel Miller has everything she could want from life—the perfect husband, her dream job, and a cute little house in the country—but the daydream is shattered when her husband is killed in a tragic accident. Her mother-in-law, Nadine, takes her in as she tries to pick up the pieces, and their handsome neighbor Beau is willing to help…if Rachel will let him. Does she dare open her heart for a second chance at love?

Don’t Ask Me to Leave is a modern-day adaptation of the Biblical story of Ruth and Naomi.

“Red Morning Glory” is now Available!

Red Morning Glory by Cyn Taylor has been released this week! This is the second book in the fc-red-morning-sky-3dSmoky Mountain Mist Series. Here is a little snippet about the story.

Glory Donaghan has it all. A church filled teenagers she hopes to mentor, a family who loves her and keeps her focused on what is important, and a modeling job that is quickly turning into a flourishing career. She feel’s God’s hand on every aspect of her life. Until she wakes up in the hospital, with no idea how she got there.

Her life takes a 180 when she is accused of drug abuse and possibly distributing drugs to her youth group. She discovers that Marlee, her niece Charlotte’s best friend, is being physically abused. Glory receives threats on her own life when she tries to help. Her once perfect world is suddenly falling apart; and Tanner Slade, the person who reports her as a user, and the most infuriating man she has ever met, is making life even more complicated.

Tanner Slade thinks Glory is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and possibly the most innocent. But he has dealt with drug users for years. He knows how deceptive they can be and wants no part of a relationship with someone who is a user. Something about Glory catches his interest, and definitely his eye. But he stubbornly refuses to let his heart rule his head a second time.

The romance of the Great Smoky Mountains brings the two together. Their conflicted hearts need time to learn how to trust, before they can build a relationship. Life isn’t allowing them that time.

Glory is given an opportunity to move from Tennessee and leave all the turmoil behind. This puts her at war with her conscience. When Charlotte goes missing, Glory knows exactly where she needs to be. But has she made that decision in time?


Cyn’s first book in this series, Blue Mountain Sky is also available. Read more about this book here.