Cricut Crafty

Last fall I bit the bullet and bought a Cricut Maker. For those of you who may not be in the crafty world, a Cricut is a digital cutting machine that will create designs from everything from paper to vinyl. It’s been a fun addition to my crafting addiction.

I thought I would share my latest project…A label for my vegetable oil bottle. Let me start by sharing the story. I LOVE the square bottles that olive oil comes in from Aldi. I emptied one some time back and started using it for my vegetable/canola oil. But, no one in my family knew what was in that bottle because it didn’t have a label. Now, enter the Cricut machine! I decided to make a vinyl adhesive label for the bottle. Instant Love!

It’s really a simple design using two fonts available from the Cricut Access Subscription… Haley and Folk Art Festival.

I typed in “OIL” sized it to about 1.25 inches tall. Then I typed Vegetable in the script font and sized it to fit the length left on the bottle. Weld everything together and cut it out! Weed away all the excess vinyl and use transfer tape to remove it from the backing paper. Then place it on your CLEAN bottle and you are done!

Now, what to label next???