TBT – Irish Encounter

Irish Encounter - FC

(originally posted 4.27.2015) 

Irish Encounter by Hope Dougherty is a romantic novel which finds Ellen Shepherd visiting Ireland on a yarn-shopping tour. While there she encounters Payne Anderson who begins to test her in ways she was not expecting.

For this cover, capturing the breath-taking beauty of Ireland and the coziness of a cafe were important. An added touch of Celtic knot art seemed to round out the feelings for this romantic novel. As is sometimes the case, main characters with specific ages can be difficult to find in the stock photography market. Ellen, our main character, is a middle-aged widow with specific features. That led us to decide again not to feature her on the cover, but to leave her appearance up to the reader.

Irish Encounter is available on Amazon.

Book Cover Release – A Hobo’s Wish

a-hobos-wish-final A Hobo’s Wish is a historical novel by Connie Lounsbury. Based in the fictional town of Kathleen Creek, Minnesota, Dr. Pete Walker finds himself penniless during the Great Depression. Having ridden the rails, he hops off the train in Kathleen Creek and begins a new life.

Connie and I went through several design concepts before we settled on this cover.  Bringing the train and a grungy looking hobo together on the cover was a fun endeavor.

A Hobo’s Wish is scheduled to publish in November from Mantle Rock Publishing.

My Bible Journaling Journey

IMG_0912.JPGBack in the spring I got all excited about Bible Journaling. It had all the artsy crafts aspects that I loved and promised to get me in the Word. So I jumped in with both feet and after lots of positive encouragement, I began offering templates in my Etsy store.

Then life happened. Summer started, church activities stole my free time and there’s that small renovation in the children’s area that needs new murals, and there went my Bible Journaling plans.

Now enter fall. I think this year for the first time I truly understand why I really love fall. It’s because the madness ends. Being married to a professional Boy Scout, fall hails the end of summer camp. Being a mom, fall rushes in the school year and the beginning of structured life again. As a children’s ministry worker, it means that Bible camp and VBS have ended, new teachers are in place for the fall quarter, and calm is returning. Fall is my time to take a deep breathe and let life settle back into place.

It’s during this peaceful calm that I start getting the bug…the crafty bug. It’s always with me but when I have time to breathe, that longing inside of me awakes and is followed by trips to the art store to buy watercolor paper, new brushes and a tube or two of paint. Designs start flitting through my mind and those daily scripture readings start turning into imagined art. So, while I still mull over what my next design will be, take a trip over to my Etsy store and see what’s already there.

Happy Fall Y’all!



TBT – The Ghosts of Graceland

Ghosts-of-Graceland---FC---Final(originally posted 04.25.2015)

The Ghosts of Graceland by Pam Harris matches the curiosity of a young girl with the mysterious mansion of the King of Rock and Roll. This young adult novel is filled with many secrets to be unraveled while Mandi stays with her great aunt during the summer.

For this book, the author wanted a simple layout that would appeal to both boys and girls. She had obtained permission to use and image of Graceland on the cover so we did by transforming it into a drawing. The ghostly image added intrigue and was balanced out by some music doodling.

The Ghosts of Graceland is available on Amazon.


Music City Mayhem

Music City Mayhem, the second book in the “Mandi Mystery” series, is also now available, Check it out here on Amazon.

KenTen Writers Website

Over the years, I’ve worked on a few websites. I’ve never learned to code in HTML or develop a site from the ground up. But I have used readily available website resources and put together a few basic sites. A few weeks ago, I was approached by my mom (again, my cohort in crime) to put together a site for her writers group.logo

Since the group had never had more than a Yahoo Group message board, I designed a new logo for them and then met with a few of the core members to get a feel for what they wanted their website to present to the internet world. As with every website, it’s always an ongoing development. But the basics are in place and we launched it earlier this week.


Spend a few minutes over on their site and get to know a few of the Christian writers in this group. I’ve had the privileged of retreating with these writers and they are, to say the least, a barrel of fun. They are also a very caring, nurturing group who shares a common passion in creating literature that is God-honoring. And in my opinion, that is top-notch.

Books on Shelves!

This past weekend Cyn Taylor, author of Blue Mountain Sky, had a book signing at Barnes and Noble in East Tennessee. I just loved reading her blog this weekend with all the cute photos from her signing. She was so excited and that excitement is infectious. In fact, now I’m excited!

I love creating book covers! I love interacting with the authors and finding out what dream they have for the cover of their book. I love searching through thousands of files to find that just-so-perfect photo to use. I love all the different tweaks and fidgets in Photoshop that make the cover one seamless vision. But most of all I love it when I see the author showing it off!

Here’s a few photo’s I snagged from Cyn’s blog to share with you. After all, who could pass up a photo of Batman reading a book with a bookcover they created.

And best of all, B&N will be stocking Cyn’s book! That’s books on the shelves which to me is covers on the shelf! YEAH! Now that is what designing is all about.

P.S. To all those authors who only do ebooks, I still love the covers I do for you! But, Batman….WOW…POW!

TBT – Whitewashed

FC---Whitewashed(originally posted 04.23.2015)

Whitewashed by Amy Blake is a contemporary novel set in Mississippi. The central character, Patience McDonough headed of to start college. While living with her grandparents, she attends Verity College, located on the grounds of an old plantation. Patience manages to uncover some corrupt accounting practices and some hidden mysteries on the old slave plantation that put her in danger.

Due to the name of this book, our cover just had to have some whitewashed boards. Blended together with a photo of an old plantation home, this cover takes on the feeling of the deep south. Whitewashed is part of a trilogy, so we indicated that on the front cover. After much thought we decided to make the title prominent and leave the main character’s image up the to the reader’s imagination.

Whitewashed is available on Amazon.



Colorblind, the second book in the On the Brink Series is available now! Check it out here on Amazon.

TBT – Blue Mountain Sky

FC---Blue-Sky-Mountain(originally published 6.6.2016)

Blue Mountain Sky is a new novel being released by Mantle Rock Publishing later this month. Author Cyn Taylor has crafted an inspirational fiction set in the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. Since east Tennessee is where my roots are deeply planted, it was a pleasure to create a cover for her depicting the mountains of that area.

Here’s a little teaser from the back cover.

After four years Brianna Walters was finally making headway in forcing her late husband’s ghost to the recesses of her mind rather than the forefront of her heart. She had immersed herself into her company, deciding that no man could replace Grant. That was until she met Vic Andrews.

Vic stormed into her present and was charming his way into her future. Something about him reminded her of Grant. At least that was what Bree told herself. Vic’s personality, initially, seemed to be the exact opposite of Grant’s but in looks he had so many similar characteristics Bree began struggling to keep them separated in her mind; even to the point of calling Vic by Grant’s name at a most inopportune moment.

Now another company wanted to initiate a merger with hers and the owner was pushing but reclusive. Bree began having feelings of being watched and followed; sensations that materialized into an actual attack that left Bree feeling vulnerable, as well as suspicious of Vic. She wondered if God had grown tired of her rebellion and truly abandoned her.

Would she be able to cope with the turmoil that entered her life with Vic, or would Vic’s demands that she erases her husband’s memories forever from her mind and heart and choose him drive a wedge between them that only God could dissolve? And could Bree make that decision before God allowed Vic to be taken out of her life as well? On a very permanent basis!

Blue Mountain Sky is now available on Amazon. The second book in the series, Red Morning Glory, will be releasing this fall.

Book Cover Release – Red Morning Glory

Hello world from my new temporary home on WordPress. I’m in the process of migrating my website but I’m trying to collect my previous posts before the old site goes bye-bye.

Red-Morning-Glory--Final-FCBut today, I want to unveil Red Morning Glory by Cyn Taylor. This is Cyn’s second book in the Smoky Mountain Mist Series and it will be publishing this fall. It falls into the contemporary romance genre. Here are some notes from the book’s back cover.

Glory Donaghan has it all. A church filled teenagers she hopes to mentor, a loving family, and a modeling job that is quickly turning into a flourishing career. She feel’s God’s hand on every aspect of her life. Until she wakes up in the hospital, with no idea how she got there.

Tanner Slade thinks Glory is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and possibly the most innocent. But his initial impression of her puts his mind and heart at odds with each other.

So, creating this cover has been fun! We wanted to echo the cover of the first book, Blue Mountain Sky, but obviously with red as our primary color. Our leading couple is drawn to fly fishing so a beautiful sunrise over a lazy river seemed perfect for this book.FC---Blue-Sky-Mountain

If you haven’t read Blue Mountain Sky, it’s available on Amazon. Grab a copy and read it while you wait for Red Morning Glory to release.

Who Am I?

I think everyone should know at least a little bit about who they are working with, especially when it comes to something as personal as your writing and my artwork. So, here’s a little about me and my family.

I’m Diane and I’ve been married to my professional Boy Scout, Ron for 30 years. Ron brought a wonderful daughter to our marriage and she has blessed us with 3 grandchildren. Then we have our daughter, Savannah, who is studying music education at Lipscomb University. To say the least, we have been blessed.

Shortly after Ron and I married, I started a temporary job with the Boy Scouts. It was there that I received my first taste of publishing. They had an old A.B. Dick 350 printing press that I learned to use. From there, I moved on to several other jobs both in and out of the printing industry. Now, my day job is working for our church, where in between children’s ministry and book keeping I still dabble in printing.

Running along side my professional career has always been my love of arts and crafts. I started painting in high school and after marriage, took several design classes as the University of Tennessee. Ultimately, it was a printing job in Arkansas that introduced me to Photoshop and the world of digital artwork. Creating with Photoshop became a passion and it has blessed me well. I’ve created presentation backgrounds for worship services, t-shirt designs for Boy Scout events and even published several digital scrapbooking layouts in magazines in both the US and Australia.

Then we come back around the circle of life to my mom. She has always been my “partner in crime” when it comes to crafting. In fact, she taught me to sew and knit long before computers were invented. We shared a wood crafting business which included Dollywood as a client. So, it wasn’t long after she started her publishing company that she came to me looking for a book cover designer. So, here I am…designing book covers and loving the creative outlet it provides.