Books on Shelves!

This past weekend Cyn Taylor, author of Blue Mountain Sky, had a book signing at Barnes and Noble in East Tennessee. I just loved reading her blog this weekend with all the cute photos from her signing. She was so excited and that excitement is infectious. In fact, now I’m excited!

I love creating book covers! I love interacting with the authors and finding out what dream they have for the cover of their book. I love searching through thousands of files to find that just-so-perfect photo to use. I love all the different tweaks and fidgets in Photoshop that make the cover one seamless vision. But most of all I love it when I see the author showing it off!

Here’s a few photo’s I snagged from Cyn’s blog to share with you. After all, who could pass up a photo of Batman reading a book with a bookcover they created.

And best of all, B&N will be stocking Cyn’s book! That’s books on the shelves which to me is covers on the shelf! YEAH! Now that is what designing is all about.

P.S. To all those authors who only do ebooks, I still love the covers I do for you! But, Batman….WOW…POW!

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