TBT – Blue Mountain Sky

FC---Blue-Sky-Mountain(originally published 6.6.2016)

Blue Mountain Sky is a new novel being released by Mantle Rock Publishing later this month. Author Cyn Taylor has crafted an inspirational fiction set in the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. Since east Tennessee is where my roots are deeply planted, it was a pleasure to create a cover for her depicting the mountains of that area.

Here’s a little teaser from the back cover.

After four years Brianna Walters was finally making headway in forcing her late husband’s ghost to the recesses of her mind rather than the forefront of her heart. She had immersed herself into her company, deciding that no man could replace Grant. That was until she met Vic Andrews.

Vic stormed into her present and was charming his way into her future. Something about him reminded her of Grant. At least that was what Bree told herself. Vic’s personality, initially, seemed to be the exact opposite of Grant’s but in looks he had so many similar characteristics Bree began struggling to keep them separated in her mind; even to the point of calling Vic by Grant’s name at a most inopportune moment.

Now another company wanted to initiate a merger with hers and the owner was pushing but reclusive. Bree began having feelings of being watched and followed; sensations that materialized into an actual attack that left Bree feeling vulnerable, as well as suspicious of Vic. She wondered if God had grown tired of her rebellion and truly abandoned her.

Would she be able to cope with the turmoil that entered her life with Vic, or would Vic’s demands that she erases her husband’s memories forever from her mind and heart and choose him drive a wedge between them that only God could dissolve? And could Bree make that decision before God allowed Vic to be taken out of her life as well? On a very permanent basis!

Blue Mountain Sky is now available on Amazon. The second book in the series, Red Morning Glory, will be releasing this fall.

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