TBT – Music City Mayhem

Music City Mayhem(originally posted 1.2.2016)

Music City Mayhem is the second cover I have created for author Pam Harris in her Mandi Mystery series. It is always a challenge to put together a cover for a preteen book, but I think this one pulls off the energy and color that attracts younger readers. The background skyline of Nashville TN sets the backdrop for the fun and adventure Mandi will jump into in this mystery.

Mandi Ferguson is not impressed by fame. She and her twin sister Kassi, along with her father and great-aunt, are staying on the estate of a famous county music singer, but Mandi is not in awe. Instead, she is intrigued by the faceless woman who appears outside of her bedroom each evening, a woman whose identity no one seems to know. She is also more than curious about who is sending anonymous threats to their hostess Felicity, whom her father has been hired to protect while the police investigate the case. Mandi likes the singer, but she suspects that Felicity and her father may be interested in dating each other—something she definitely doesn’t like.

Add a shoplifter, a missing child, and a car accident on a dark highway to the mix, and Mandi has all she can manage in the few days they have left in Tennessee. Knowing they will have to say good-bye once more to their father when their visit ends and realizing that she and her sister are growing farther apart, Mandi is reluctant to accept the many changes in her life. As she unravels the secrets around her, however, she learns that change, whether good or bad, is not always what it first seems to be.

Music City Mayhem will be available from Mantle Rock Publishing in January, 2016 is available from Mantle Rock Publishing and from AmazonUntil then, check out her first book in the series, The Ghosts of Graceland.

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