TBT – Keeper of Trust

FC-Keeper of Trust(originally posted 3.23.2016)

Keeper of Trust is the second book in the Carty Sisters Series by Mary Kay Tuberty. It’s a wonderful story of Irish immigrant Julia Carty and her new life in St. Louis. We were introduced to Julia in the first book, Keeper of Coin and her “flighty” personality was a nice contrast to her calmer sister, Anne. I’m looking forward to diving into this book as soon as it is available from Mantle Rock Publishing on April 22. Here’s a teaser from the back cover.

     Julia Carty resolved that she must change her ways. Her father had called her “flighty” and sent her younger sister to America ahead of her. Her beloved Martin referred to her as his “beautiful butterfly, flitting from one adventure to another.”
She had come to St. Louis in 1861 at the start of the Civil War. In the intervening years, she worked hard at the church mission and at Dempsey’s Bakery to prove she had put aside her childish habits. With the arrival of her young sister Lizzie though, she realized she had not contributed her share to the immigration fund. She left it to her sisters Anne and Kate to save the majority of passage money to bring the children out of Ireland’s poverty.
When Martin suffered a life-threatening accident and faced disabilities that would alter his life forever, he needed her love and support. When additional tragedy struck the Cartys, her dear family turned to her for strength and encouragement. Had she matured, at last? Would she be capable of sustaining them all?

Both books in this series are available on Amazon.


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