Fall Colors

color-palette-2595Can you smell the fall in the air? Do you get warm fuzzy feelings when you see that golden leaf fall to the ground? I do! Fall is MY season. I love everything about it. From the fog-drenched mornings to the crackle of fallen leaves under my feet, I just like to soak up all the little things about autumn that make it so different from the other seasons. I love the fall color palette of gold, rust and burgundy with a little brown mixed in. I went shopping yesterday with my sweet girl and I was in love with all the burgundy clothing – sweaters, shirts, pants, skirts – all awash in the vibrant colors of the season.

Now, just need to move the fire-pit home (that’s another story) and gather round with a bag a marshmallows and a roasting stick. Maybe a cup of hot cocoa and a few good friends. Sounds like the start of a wonderful season to me. Hope you have a wonderful autumn day today. Tell me what you like best about this season. I’d love to hear from you!

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