Reflecting in Mindful Meditation

When the Lord blesses you with an awesome daughter, sometimes you just reblog her words instead of your own. Well, technically I guess they are partly mine since I hope I have made a lasting impression on her.
Share your calm thoughts or places with me. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Always Speaks Her Mind

Sweet friends, I’m not done sharing my story from this summer but for now I am trying to make it through my last two weeks of school. (Sherry I know you’re just eager to hear more of my story 😉 )

I am working on a project for my Engagements class, a Lipscomb general credit class, about Creativity in Work, Wonder, and Worship. For the project, I wrote out a mindful meditation and reflecting while in that calm state. I invite you all to read this and meditate over the words I’ve written. It may be just something that I needed to preach to myself more than anything but I hope it is beneficial to you all as well. Grace and peace be with you always.


Try to still your mind. Picture yourself in front of a calm lake, whether it’s a lake you’ve visited, a lake you’ve fantasized about…

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