Throw Back Thursday

From time to time I like to feature some book covers that I created previously. Like looking back through a photo album or visiting old friends, it gives me joy to see them. Today I’m going to share two covers that I have shared before.

Irish Encounter - FCFrom 2015, Irish Encounter was one of my first covers without a person on it. The main character in this contemporary romance is a “mature” woman as opposed to the sexy sirens that sometimes grace covers in this genre. Finding a suitable image for this character became impossible – too old, too young, too grey, too bland, too grandmotherly, and the list went on. When I finally gave up the idea of finding the character, I started moving toward what made this romance come together. It centered around a trip to Ireland and a few conversations in a tea shop. So began this wonderful blending of the two images that became one of my favorite covers.

Irish Encounter by Hope Tyler Dougherty is available on Amazon. You can see an earlier blog post here as well. Hope will be release a new book this fall with Mantle Rock Publishing titled Rescued Hearts. Be sure to look for more information concerning that book very soon!


3 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday

  1. Regina Merrick says:

    I seriously love this cover – when I saw it, I knew you were the right person for mine! Beautiful work, Diane!


  2. Kathy Cretsinger says:

    I’m beginning to love covers with no people in them. Someone made a comment at Regina Merrick’s book signing that if there wasn’t a person on the cover, they could imagine the character better themselves. An idea, but sometimes we need a person. This is one of my favorite covers also. I have a few more, but this is a beautiful cover.


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