“Red Morning Glory” is now Available!

Red Morning Glory by Cyn Taylor has been released this week! This is the second book in the fc-red-morning-sky-3dSmoky Mountain Mist Series. Here is a little snippet about the story.

Glory Donaghan has it all. A church filled teenagers she hopes to mentor, a family who loves her and keeps her focused on what is important, and a modeling job that is quickly turning into a flourishing career. She feel’s God’s hand on every aspect of her life. Until she wakes up in the hospital, with no idea how she got there.

Her life takes a 180 when she is accused of drug abuse and possibly distributing drugs to her youth group. She discovers that Marlee, her niece Charlotte’s best friend, is being physically abused. Glory receives threats on her own life when she tries to help. Her once perfect world is suddenly falling apart; and Tanner Slade, the person who reports her as a user, and the most infuriating man she has ever met, is making life even more complicated.

Tanner Slade thinks Glory is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and possibly the most innocent. But he has dealt with drug users for years. He knows how deceptive they can be and wants no part of a relationship with someone who is a user. Something about Glory catches his interest, and definitely his eye. But he stubbornly refuses to let his heart rule his head a second time.

The romance of the Great Smoky Mountains brings the two together. Their conflicted hearts need time to learn how to trust, before they can build a relationship. Life isn’t allowing them that time.

Glory is given an opportunity to move from Tennessee and leave all the turmoil behind. This puts her at war with her conscience. When Charlotte goes missing, Glory knows exactly where she needs to be. But has she made that decision in time?


Cyn’s first book in this series, Blue Mountain Sky is also available. Read more about this book here.

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