TBT – A Secret Hope

(originally published 9.28.2015)

A-Secret-Hope---FinalMany thanks to Renee Yancy for allowing me to do an updated cover for her novel, A Secret Hope. Renee and I spent a lot of time going through many revisions of her cover until we finally landed on one she loved. That is always my goal as a cover designer – to create something that represents your book the way you want it to be represented. Renee’s book is a christian novel and she wanted that aspect to take center stage.

The main character, Ciara of Tir Maic is living a lie. She’s an imposter. For most of her young life she’s hidden a secret that means death if it’s discovered. Although she is studying to become a druidess, she doubts the power of the gods she is to serve and dares to hope there is more to the universe than the spirits of fire and water she has been taught to worship from her childhood.

A Secret Hope ebook is available on Amazon.

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