My Bible Journaling Journey

IMG_0912.JPGBack in the spring I got all excited about Bible Journaling. It had all the artsy crafts aspects that I loved and promised to get me in the Word. So I jumped in with both feet and after lots of positive encouragement, I began offering templates in my Etsy store.

Then life happened. Summer started, church activities stole my free time and there’s that small renovation in the children’s area that needs new murals, and there went my Bible Journaling plans.

Now enter fall. I think this year for the first time I truly understand why I really love fall. It’s because the madness ends. Being married to a professional Boy Scout, fall hails the end of summer camp. Being a mom, fall rushes in the school year and the beginning of structured life again. As a children’s ministry worker, it means that Bible camp and VBS have ended, new teachers are in place for the fall quarter, and calm is returning. Fall is my time to take a deep breathe and let life settle back into place.

It’s during this peaceful calm that I start getting the bug…the crafty bug. It’s always with me but when I have time to breathe, that longing inside of me awakes and is followed by trips to the art store to buy watercolor paper, new brushes and a tube or two of paint. Designs start flitting through my mind and those daily scripture readings start turning into imagined art. So, while I still mull over what my next design will be, take a trip over to my Etsy store and see what’s already there.

Happy Fall Y’all!



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