KenTen Writers Website

Over the years, I’ve worked on a few websites. I’ve never learned to code in HTML or develop a site from the ground up. But I have used readily available website resources and put together a few basic sites. A few weeks ago, I was approached by my mom (again, my cohort in crime) to put together a site for her writers group.logo

Since the group had never had more than a Yahoo Group message board, I designed a new logo for them and then met with a few of the core members to get a feel for what they wanted their website to present to the internet world. As with every website, it’s always an ongoing development. But the basics are in place and we launched it earlier this week.

Spend a few minutes over on their site and get to know a few of the Christian writers in this group. I’ve had the privileged of retreating with these writers and they are, to say the least, a barrel of fun. They are also a very caring, nurturing group who shares a common passion in creating literature that is God-honoring. And in my opinion, that is top-notch.

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