Who Am I?

I think everyone should know at least a little bit about who they are working with, especially when it comes to something as personal as your writing and my artwork. So, here’s a little about me and my family.

I’m Diane and I’ve been married to my professional Boy Scout, Ron for 30 years. Ron brought a wonderful daughter to our marriage and she has blessed us with 3 grandchildren. Then we have our daughter, Savannah, who is studying music education at Lipscomb University. To say the least, we have been blessed.

Shortly after Ron and I married, I started a temporary job with the Boy Scouts. It was there that I received my first taste of publishing. They had an old A.B. Dick 350 printing press that I learned to use. From there, I moved on to several other jobs both in and out of the printing industry. Now, my day job is working for our church, where in between children’s ministry and book keeping I still dabble in printing.

Running along side my professional career has always been my love of arts and crafts. I started painting in high school and after marriage, took several design classes as the University of Tennessee. Ultimately, it was a printing job in Arkansas that introduced me to Photoshop and the world of digital artwork. Creating with Photoshop became a passion and it has blessed me well. I’ve created presentation backgrounds for worship services, t-shirt designs for Boy Scout events and even published several digital scrapbooking layouts in magazines in both the US and Australia.

Then we come back around the circle of life to my mom. She has always been my “partner in crime” when it comes to crafting. In fact, she taught me to sew and knit long before computers were invented. We shared a wood crafting business which included Dollywood as a client. So, it wasn’t long after she started her publishing company that she came to me looking for a book cover designer. So, here I am…designing book covers and loving the creative outlet it provides.

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